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Blog 7

This light-coloured Multani Mitti clay is the result of decomposed volcanic ash. The name, Fuller’s earth, comes from this clay’s use in the early English wool industry. It was used by fullers to clean and degrease woollen cloth during the ‘fulling’ process, because of its ability to absorb oil.

Whether you have dry, dull or acne-prone skin, a multani mitti is a sure fire skin saviour. It is an excellent skin cleansing agent, ridding your skin of dirt, oil and grime while its high absorbing properties leave the skin feeling soft and radiant.

Multani mitti is extremely popular for its oil-absorbing properties. It helps draw out the oil and impurities from your skin, speeding up the healing process when it comes to zits. It also nourishes your skin with its rich content of minerals, keeping it healthy and preventing further breakouts.

It contains a cornucopia of valuable elements. Green clay owes its coloration to two very important factors iron oxide and decomposed plant matter. Contrary to popular belief, not all French Green Clay originates in France. At one time, all of the world’s supply was mined in France. It removes Impurities from Pores,  All natural clays, including French green clay have one main purpose which is to suck out all impurities stuck with skin pores, Detoxifies Skin, Natural Deodorant Ingredient, Exfoliates Skin, Calms Irritated Skin, Oil Control Action.

We personally make all of our The Clay Soap by hand in small batches, there is Cypress essential oil, And Other essential ingredients (Fatty acids, Glycerine, Vitamin E). The Multtani Mitti & French Green Clay in our soaps contains 100% Natural Clay Powder with no dilutions unless specifically included on the label.  That is one reason that our soaps produce such dramatic results with your skin.

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